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Meet Lee Grider

Hello my name is Lee Grider. I have lived in Ga for 20 years. I’ve been in Real estate since 1986. I’m an investor, home owner, Real estate Broker, and entrepreneur. I buy houses, and help people with home ownership. Most important I invest in people and business opportunities. My goal is you!

My desire is to help people with creative financing with all aspects of Real estate.

My background as a business owner, investor, buyer/holder of residential property, and real estate broker, makes me uniquely qualified in the real estate arena

Lee is a listing specialist, Real-Estate Broker, Grand Knight, Parish council past president, HOA past president, Commercial pilot, Airline dispatcher, aviation enthusiast, Toastmaster, prison minister, youth councilor, and Delta Air Lines retiree. I’m an overachiever, who wants the best for you.

Meet Lynette Grider

Lynette is the president of Destiny bound management, female business owner, entrepreneur, artist, and enjoys working with families. Lynette likes to give of her art talents in many ways. She has done portraits, mural ‘s, and right now she’s working with her prodigy son Gabriel, who is planning to go to SCAD in the fall. Lynette‘s experience has been in customer service dealing with solutions too many facets of real estate. Visit her business website!

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